Kent State - 5-4-70

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Wed Dec 06, 2017 9:12 am

I visited the Kent State U site just to get some football stadium perspective and found a memorial to the four students that were killed at Kent State during the anti war protests of the early 70's. I was a high school junior at that point and really did not have a good idea what this protest thing was all about except I felt it was disruptive and un patriotic. The photos, videos, and interviews really got my attention and once again reminded me of just how turbulent the times were back then as they are now. The "Kent State" chapter was four days of unrest which turned into violence when the ROTC building was first attacked and then burned and things got worse from there. My sister was at the University of Iowa at that point and the president closed campus after the "creative writing" building was burned down and told students that they could leave with the current grade at hand. I remember the phone call and my Dad's comment, "time to come home!" I know students at WIU tried and I think successfully took over the ROTC gym at Simkins Hall for a short time. Neil Young's "Four Dead in Ohio" has been stuck in my head since yesterday. ;) jc
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