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Just something seems that the recent situation with the football coaching staff has caused quite a few people to register as new members or come to the site in general. I was looking back through the months for how many people registered on the site each month. The first few months of the new site, there were obviously quite a few new members, but outside of the first month of the new site, this last December had the most newly registered members of any month. Likely many of the people signing up were people that visited the site to read up on info and stuff, but hadn't actually registered or signed in (they show up as "guests" in the listing of users online at the bottom of the front page of the forum, and quite often there are more guests than registered users)...but found reason in the past month to register and possibly voice their opinions.

So, this is kinda a "welcome note" to the new registered members. Thanks for joining and I look forward to having your voices added to our discussions of Leatherneck Athletics.

I also wanted to go ahead and share the actual numbers, for anyone that's interested in that. So here's the months that the new site has existed, and the # of newly registered members for each month:
4/14 - 33 (when the new site opened and a large # of the regular users from the old site migrated over)
5/14 - 20 (more of the "old site" users moving over)
6/14 - 4
7/14 - 6
8/14 - 8
9/14 - 15 (first football season on the new site)
10/14 - 9
11/14 - 7
12/14 - 6
1/15 - 6
2/15 - 4
3/15 - 1
4/15 - 1
5/15 - 2
6/15 - 0
7/15 - 1
8/15 - 5
9/15 - 2
10/15 - 3
11/15 - 6
12/15 - 26 (Nielson leaves for USD, coaching staff "drama", coaching candidates interview)
1/16 - 5 (so far, in the first 6 days of the coach hired, coaching staff starting to get moved into place)

Also, for those interested, the site's pageviews for the week when Nielson left was nearly 4 times what it usually is in an average week (just over 47k pageviews vs ~12k pageviews on average).
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