Another dorm getting shut down

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Thu Jan 24, 2019 10:47 am

That is the same type of "perfect storm" but in the other direction that hit WIU for the last couple of years. Enrollment was already beginning to slide a bit with less seniors graduating and more of them going to out of state schools for more affordability and the "glam" factor. And then lack of a budget for two years created even more of a mess. The most important thing is that the administration, faculty/union, the faculty senate, and the city of Macomb use this as an opportunity for change, effective and positive change. ;) jc
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Thu Jan 24, 2019 11:21 am

And while all of this is going on, we are competing against the "system" which has yet to see an enrollment decline in the last 10 years and most likely many years before that.
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