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Looks like usage of "WIU" is back in favor.

During the Tim Van Alstine era, "WIU" was verboten.

The Press Guide at that time instructed visiting media to refer to the university as "Western", "Western Illinois", or "Western Illinois University" only -- not "WIU".

When the Sports Editor of the Bloomington Pantagraph was in town to cover Illinois State's game, he pointed out the hypocrisy: The old Hanson Field scoreboard had "WIU" on it. And both end zones had "WIU" painted on the grass field.

The Sports Editor wrote a column in the Pantagraph that made Western the laughing-stock of central Illinois.
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Tere North wrote:
sealhall74 wrote:
Sat Aug 31, 2019 10:26 am
Now if we can just get the folks in the Athletic dept to know the difference between Missouri Valley State and Mississippi Valley State. :lol:
:lol: There is a Mississippi Valley State University, but only a Missouri Valley College, although we do play football in the Missouri Valley Conference.

Could S vs C be a new dyslexia issue (MVS - the school, vs MVC - the conference). Or, it is like to me, anything east of Naperville and north of I88 is Chicago, much to the dislike of my suburbian friends :mrgreen:
If we're getting technical, we play football in the MVFC...there is no MVC football. Now, in reality, there's quite a bit of overlap in the teams, administration, and offices, but if you try to drop the "F" from it in front of a non-football MVC member (Bradley, Evansville, etc), you're likely in for an earful.

For me, anything north of I-80 and east of Aurora is what I consider Chicago. My sister and her family live in me, that's "fringe suburbs".

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