Non scholarship D-I Berth?

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Mon Nov 19, 2018 5:18 am

So D-I football as the FCS level limits to 63.

Duquesne auto bid they offer 40 scholarships. (D-II is 35)

San Diego gets auto big they offer 0 scholarships.

Neither of these conferences have any business being in D-I. The fact that one of these member institution schools gets an auto bid means that there most certainly is a much more deserving team staying home.

How does this Pioneer business work NCAA mandates an institution must play at their own level. (we will leave hockey for another day)

NCAA says no way will we let Butler play D-I Basketball and D-III football. Ahhhhh, but they do, i guess its just semantics. Back to my point, why the Fuck does Pioneer get an Auto?
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Mon Nov 19, 2018 7:58 am

The Pioneer didn't have an auto bid until 2013 when the tourney expanded initially to 20. Since 2013 their conference has 2 playoff wins coming the last 2 years by San Diego.

The Northeast Conference doesn't offer the total 63 scholarships, but some are close and they haven't won a playoff game in that time.

The Patriot League added scholarships in 2013 and have grown that number to 60 total. They have 4 wins since 2013 with back to back by Fordham in 13/14 and 2 by Colgate in 2015. Prior to offering scholarships, they did have an auto bid and won some playoff games........Colgate blizzard in 2003!!!!

The Pioneer League teams don't match up to the powerhouse conferences and their teams probably won't win a national championship, but the top schools in these non scholarship or limited scholarship conferences are good and all have some talent.

Since 2013, we do have a playoff win and it was against a Pioneer League team, so kind of glad they get one.
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Mon Nov 19, 2018 8:33 am

You gotta start somewhere and the Pioneer has some work to do to become competitive at this level. But I do find it veeeerrrrryyyyy interesting that Patty Viverito is the commissioner for both the Pioneer and MVFC conferences. It might be interesting to look at the endowments of the schools in the Pioneer and compare to others. Something to keep me busy later today.
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