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wiu712 wrote:
Fri Feb 14, 2020 7:42 am
The Legacy Theater began its life with Carthage College.

After lying dormant for two decades, the property was purchased by Carthage Veterinary Services. Ownership of the theater was transferred to Carl Sandburg College, which invested $3.5 million to make the theater "state-of-the-art". When the recession hit in 2008, Carl Sandburg College sold the facility to the city of Carthage, and the Legacy Theater Foundation was formed.
My Dad probably had a class or two in that auditorium. He was there at the same time as was legendary Galesburg HS basketball coach John Thiel.
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Men’s Basketball makes it seven straight Summit League loses.
From the Western Courier: ... gue-loses/
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Solid Support for The Legacy Theater in Carthage.
From Tri-States Public Radio, WIUM-FM:
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