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Finally, Athletics is now a part of development.  Damn the silos, full speed ahead! ;) Jc
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Neckfansince71 wrote: Wed Jun 22, 2022 10:08 am Finally, Athletics is now a part of advancement.  Damn the silos, full speed ahead! ;) Jc

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I see on Twitter they had comments from him and he said something to the effect of being an important player in the Summit League and MVFC, so doesn't sound like he is looking to leave either conference.
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New AD at WIU.
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Everything sounds great but I'll start believing things when I see action. The AD can only be good if he has support from the higher ups.
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I really like Paul stating reaching out to alums/fans in the Quad Cities, Quincy, Springfield, Peoria etc...we're WESTERN Illinois University that's where we should be recruiting students in addition of course to maintaining a presence in the Chicago area, even St. Louis etc. I have concerns with Huang promoting the international students. I'm glad the enrollment is up for this group of students but my concern is they will be at Western for two to four years then they'll most likely go back to their home countries and we'll never hear from them again. Maybe I'm wrong. At the last Alumni Council meeting Huang was promoting the international students and showing the increase in figures. It was mentioned that they pay 1 1/2 time the tuition of a US student. That's good for the bottom line, I guess, but again when they get their degree or degrees they will be done with Western.
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