Is there something in the Red River water?

If you want to talk about Monmouth University Football, Quincy University Basketball, Notre Dame Men's Soccer, or whatever, this is the place.
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The Bison kicking ass in T&F at Hanson Field this week on both the Men's and Women's side of the ledger. Is it simply because they have bigger and consequently deeper rosters and have more chances to earn event points? The advantages of a quality indoor training facility? Strength and conditioning program is a cut above? A little of everything?

Whatever, the Bison dominating T&F in the Summit League is about as sure as stink on poop.
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NDSU has been pretty dominant since joining the league
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North Dakota State sweeps both outdoor titles. ... 0510umfx7d
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Winning draws better talent and don't forget they offer player stipends to all their athletes. With Liberty moving up, not sure if there's another FCS program offering stipends and not many mid-majors in other sports able to. Both those make a big difference in the type of athletes you attrack.

Nice facilities, a decent sized town with 100% support and fan base, throw in a state that's not broke and minus UND and some Gopher fans, you have everyone supporting you.
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