Baseball vs Iowa

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Last home game of the season.
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Not sure how much game is going to get to be played. My daughter's school was supposed to be there and sing the national anthem. They got to the stadium, sat down, and it started raining. Loaded up the buses and headed back to school. Supposed to be light to medium rain for the next couple of hours probably.
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Canceled do to the weather seems like every day there is a small chance of rain and it still rains.
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The game started in a light rain at 12:10 PM. It only lasted for 1/2 inning before being called.

Western will end the regular season on the road with a three-game series at Purdue Fort Wayne. First game will be Thursday at 3:00 PM.

These will be big games in determining the final team to make the conference tournament. Western and North Dakota State are tied for 4th place.
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