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If we had the resources (money, professors, laboratory space, etc.) to start any new academic program where one never existed before, what would you go with?

It is a no brainer for me.  Having moved back to the midwest from the east coast, the most noticeable problem in this area is all of the concrete roads and parking lots falling apart, largely because the midwest winters are brutal.  Q Lot and the parking lots around the Union are badly in need of repair.  I would start a PAVEMENT AND MATERIALS ENGINEERING graduate program, get lots of grant money from Gov, and crank out graduates who could make a real difference in this world or at least in this area.    Auburn has a program, not sure who else does.  The needed laboratories are literally right out the front and back doors.

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I know IDOT has trouble finding qualified help.

There are so many variables when it comes to building roads in this climate. 

Add on top of that the concrete bases that we are building on top of are all pushing 70-100 years old. Literally crumbling.  

Oh, and the road fund has been robbed and ignored for the past two decades. 

I could go on and on. 
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