2022 Softball

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Western Softball finished 2-4 in their season-opening weekend at the Rosemont Dome Tournament.  

Wins over Ball State (9-1) and Western Michigan (2-1).  

Losses to Bowling Green (0-6), Ball State (4-7), Butler (2-6), and Murray State (0-9).

Softball will be playing 5 games this upcoming weekend at the Arkansas Tournament.
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I received an email today from the softball team asking for money to help support their softball trip (over spring break I assume) to Nashville. I don't ever remember seeing this done before and I know they have taken trips in the past. I know money is tight, but just wondering why they are doing it, not opposed to it, just curious. If this is something from the new AD or Coach Goler thought of it, curious of others opinions.
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