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Mon Sep 17, 2018 3:36 pm

It looks like the library folks are making some good progress in digitizing many of the old Western Courier newspapers. Or maybe I just overlooked it being out there. I did some simple searches like "Ray Doyle" ( my Seal 6 RA) and "Seal 6" and sure enough came right to the issue(s) and page(s) where it was found. Gotta say back then, the Courier put in a lot more content about club sports (Ray was on the WIU Volleyball team) and intramurals (Seal 6 took the IM bowling crown in 1974) than they do today. Sad in a way. One would think today's technology would make it possible to add even more content of interest of students. Here is the link to the archive search page. All you oldtimers like me can have some fun with it. Yep, all of those ads by Harper's Bizzare, Last Chance, Second Chance, ... rekindle some ol' memories. Gaffer's, that's the one I was not old enough to get into but somehow managed to do it a time or two.

http://collections.carli.illinois.edu/c ... iu_courier

Throwback Thursdays on Leatherneck Nation could get really interesting from henceforward. ;)

Here is a clip from a 1980 article about WIU Freethrow Shooting Success under Jack Margenthaler. This is awesome reporting. Too much of it today is stuff you can read in the box scores:

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Wed Oct 03, 2018 12:09 pm

Very cool! I'm an old newspaper nerd, so I'll be checking this out. Will also probably help in further research of my men's basketball history.
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Wed Oct 03, 2018 1:53 pm

You want to really have some fun, peruse the ads in the back. Occasionally a naughty (but really funny) one gets in there.
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