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WIU continues to be on the receiving end of some pretty scathing criticism around the State, see the latest from the Chicago Tribune:

https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct- ... story.html

I LOL'd at Bill Thompson's quote, “The board allocating such a generous severance signals to us that the bad times are over and the good times are here. We expect to see similar generosity when we go and start salary negotiations for faculty.” Just crazytown. I'm guessing the average IL taxpayer is furious after reading this article.
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Yokel, seems like NIU, CSU, SIU, and COD have all gone through this type of salary situation in order to create change. COD is definitely the most embarrassing of the four. I live done the street from COD and I didn't hear a lot of people talking about this when it happened. Maybe people in the suburbs are use to large buyouts. Who knows! Everyone wanted to see Jack gone and now he is. Lets get on with the important stuff! ;) jc
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That contract was written by an English p;rofessional, not a lawyer. :lol:
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State Senators Grill Illinois Universities Over Jack Thomas, "Golden Parachutes".
From Tri-States Public Radio, WIUM-FM:
https://www.tspr.org/post/state-senator ... parachutes
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