QC Campus VP Joe Rives has been let go

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https://www.tspr.org/post/wiu-senior-vi ... -part-ways

I know he and Dr. Abraham kinda butted heads a bit at the last BOT meeting, and that Rives had tried for the Chicago State President job earlier this year and didn't end up getting it. Otherwise I don't know much about the situation. Obviously he had a few friends in high places (some on the BOT), but he seemed to rub a lot of people the wrong way.

I never worked with him directly, but I know people who did and very rarely did I hear anything good about how he treated people who were under him.
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I’m not going to claim to know the ends and outs of who’s responsible for what at the university level but I know that there are several people who say that this is long overdue. Many thought he should have gone when Dr. Thomas went.
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Two longtime Leathernecks that I value their friendship very highly both said Rives was not good for Western, out for himself and no one else. I'd say "Don't let the door it you on the way out." Wish he would have went when Jackie got his Golden Parachute!
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