2018 Schedule Question?

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When will the 2018 schedule be "officially" released? Or has it already?

Officially, probably in January or February.
The 2017 schedule was announced on 2/7, 2016 on 2/11, 2015 on 1/12, 2014 was on 2/23.

http://goleathernecks.com/news/2017/2/7 ... h=football
http://goleathernecks.com/news/2016/2/1 ... h=football
http://goleathernecks.com/news/2015/1/1 ... h=football
http://goleathernecks.com/news/2014/1/2 ... h=football

The last couple of years could have been delayed somewhat by teams backing out at essentially the "last minute". For example, this last season, we were supposed to play Northwestern for our FBS game and play Coastal Carolina here in Macomb as the second part of a home and home agreement with them. Northwestern backed out because at the time the Big 10 was moving away from scheduling FCS teams and CCU announced they were moving up to FBS themselves. We eventually got it worked out, played CCU at their place (again) for an FBS game, probably got a decent amount of money from Northwestern for cancelling on us, were able to get Tennessee Tech fit into the schedule late, and ended up going 3-0 in those games and having a fairly successful season.

If they're still working out scheduling details with teams, then it could get pushed back, although this next year, I think everything is pretty well set. I know that conference schedules have already been handed out (some schools in the MVFC have their schedules posted already) and I know that some of our OOC games have already been announced by the teams we're playing, so I think we're pretty well set already.

I update schedules as I know them in the Future Schedules post, but here's what we know for 2018 at this point:
(included likely game dates and whatever games we are aware of)
8/30 (Thursday) - at Montana State (Big Sky)
9/8 - at Illinois (FBS, Big 10)
9/15 - vs Montana (Big Sky)
9/22 - TBD (I would guess bye week, not official currently)
9/29 - Homecoming (opponent TBD, should be either INSU, UNI, or YSU)
10/6 - at Illinois State
10/13 - vs North Dakota State
10/20 - TBD (either INSU or MSU)
10/27 - TBD (INSU, MSU, or YSU)
11/3 - TBD (probably SIU)
11/10 - at South Dakota
11/17 - TBD (Last week of the regular season, probably INSU, MSU or UNI)

Do not play - South Dakota State

9/29 to the end of the season are MVFC games and I put in who we could potentially be playing based on who else is playing elsewhere those weekends. The OOC games are pretty well set already, since @Montana State and home vs Montana have already been announced. We've been on Illinois' schedule for years, but we're still on it: http://www.fightingillini.com/sports/20 ... dules.aspx
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