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Tue Feb 05, 2019 10:19 pm

I was at the NDSU game. Five minutes before tip I counted the number of people on the players benches side. Grand total of 53 people. There may have been 100 - 150 on my side. About 25 - 30 under the basket and the band on the other end. They must have counted sold season tickets because there wasn't over 500 there. Should have won the game. Were in control most of the game then didn't finish. Another fan told me Billy has one more year on this contract.
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Bring back the Wranglers!
BTW, the boots were taller and skirts were shorter in the 70s. :lol:

If someone made a decision to eliminate them, WTH were they thinking.
If they died a natural death because of waning interest, well what are you going to do.

If Jimmy V was a programmer like me, he would have said it like this: while (!(succeed = try()));
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sealhall74 wrote:
Wed Feb 06, 2019 4:25 am
Bring back the Wranglers!
The Western Dance Team is still around. They are now called the "Westernettes Danceline".

There were 10 on the team in the fall when they perform with the Marching Leathernecks. They are six on the team now.

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