Fantasy Basketball: Make watching Leatherneck Basketball more fun

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HI everyone,

I am starting a fantasy college basketball league on fantrax. The league will use just Summit League and Horizon League rosters. I am looking for both Summit and Horizon league fans. 12 team league, two divisions. In a perfect world 6 Summit fans and 6 Horizon, but any 12 fans work. No fee to the league. Will send a custom T to the winner. Weekly lineups set on Mondays so not to much time investment. Hoping for people looking for a way to make watching your favorite team and players more fun. Draft is 11/3 at 8pm Central. The link is below if you are interested click on the link (or copy and paste into your browser) and takes about a minute to sign up. Then you will be able to sort players etc. If your team name indicates your favorite team I will be able to move you to the summit division. Come join and have some extra fun watching Summit basketball this year. Any questions comment below or connect with me on Twitter @major_mid if the link doesn’t work let me know. I have been able to get it to work sending via Twitter IM and email.

here's the link (just copy and paste in your browser
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