An idea for basketball season

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Saw this tweet that JD Gravina commented on. Obviously if they did this, it would likely apply to both men's and women's basketball.

The Sanford Pentagon can be configured with up to 9 basketball courts, although they'd probably go with something like 4 to limit the number of people together in the building. ... facilities
The Sanford Premiere Center and has 2 courts (one in the new Premiere Center and one in the old Sioux Falls Arena that is attached to the same convention center building) with great facilities.

Plus, both the University of Sioux Falls and Augustana have on-campus courts that may be available for practice or something depending on what their divisions/conferences are doing for winter sports.

Augustana normally plays their games at the Sanford Pentagon, but they have their Elmen Center on campus that also has a court. If DII and DIII
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If you can pick up enough sponsorship so that all travel, lodging, and meal costs are covered, it makes sense. Could be a big bonanza for Midco network.
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