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So it looks like the projected schedule is correct: https://goleathernecks.com/news/2023/3/ ... edule.aspx
And they've announced the events being held at the various home games.

9/9 - vs Illinois State (Mega Reunion; Senior Day) - that'll be nice having a home game that early in the season...especially against an opponent that should have a pretty decent crowd.
9/16 - vs Lindenwood (Family Day BBQ Competition) - if we're a bit better than last year, this game should be winnable. Lindenwood was 7-3 last year, but played a 3 non-DI teams and a couple of pretty bad teams (EIU, Murray State) so their SoS was 100th out of 130 FCS teams last year.
10/14 - vs Missouri State (Homecoming) - could be competitive for us...good crowd, MSU was down last year (5-6) and Petrino is now the OC at Texas A&M
10/28 - vs Southern Illinois (Protect & Serve Recognition Day)
We also, unfortunately, have a home game on the last weekend (11/18 vs South Dakota), which will likely draw about 200 people.
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