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Did you know that the women's soccer team went to Iceland as soon as school got out! Iceland for 4 games! Dr. EJ's comments were telling on Monday. His biggest concern last year was reducing the number of goals scored by an opponent. The ladies accomplished this in a big time manner. Part of the problem too was he had to get them to believe once again. That was a slow process but he is very happy with the results. Scoring goals has now been addressed with this recruiting class. Two of his recruits come from my neck of the woods, ala Chicago burbs and one actually is from the high school where I taught. She was on a team last year that finished 3rd in the state and this year her team made the sectionals! DR. EJ did mention that 11 goals were scored while in Iceland! He also noted that there are 7 seniors returning for the men's team after loosing to eventual Summit League champ Denver with a penalty kick. Now if we could just get him some lights out there he would be happy as a clam! ;) jc
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