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Forum info, updates, discussion. If you have a request for something you want to see on the forum, feel free to bring it up here.
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Fri Mar 20, 2015 10:10 am

Just wanted to let everyone know that the forum software needs to be updated. I haven't decided what day would work best, but the site might be offline for a little while (an hour or two at the most...hopefully) when that is happening. I might end up waiting until the spring sports (baseball, softball, tennis) are done, so that there's not much in the way of discussion happening. I was just wanting to give everyone a heads up. When I figure out when it'll happen, I'll try to post a follow-up here a day or two beforehand.
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Sun Apr 26, 2015 6:54 am

Does anyone have any forum features that they would like to see added? I have a couple.

1) Add a user location map which uses profile location info along with Google Maps to display location of all users. Users obviously can include or exclude themselves by controlling what they enter into their location. E.g. mine currently is "Wherever, Windblows". If I want to join in, I change it to "Woodbridge, Virginia". Below is an example:


2) On the front page, we currently have the Upcoming Schedule. Wouldn't it be nifty to add the scores for games that are in progress or have gone final? Not hard to get that info from NCAA web site. Doable but quite a bit harder to scrape it from ESPN. ST, I am not sure if a good PHPBB Mod exists for this or whether you know of some other way to do it. Below is the NCAA score site which I like use for the latest scores.


BTW, I will be incorporating this feature into the next release of the Pick'em game. I might have the only site on the internet which provides all of the real-time conference scores (both men and women) in one window with no scrolling and/or hitting "Refresh" required.
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