Safety Issues at Hanson Field

Athletics Department, Facilities, etc.
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Western_101 wrote: Fri Sep 24, 2021 12:36 pm So how do we pay for a new perhaps more modest West Side (aluminum bleachers like East and a new press box at least twice the size of the current). Can something be realized in the 10 million range?

Would the school issue bonds to pay for it?  I believe WIU's credit rating was downgraded by Moodys so I don't know how that would affect the school's ability to sell bonds. I think it would be unwise to put this on the backs of current or future students. I am not in a position to donate money, I'm sure some people/entities are but may be unwilling due to the performance on the field and the somewhat precarious and unpredictable situation of the school.  If money has been donated for this purpose I have not heard about it. 

I do think the West needs to be demolished either after this season or in the Spring. 

 Has our current AD ever did a press conference, took questions, speak somewhere or anything to give into insight into her vision for WIU, she seems to have been pretty quiet since taking over and maybe its just because I'm not local. Anyway I hope she is reaching out to donors etc, to try to get the funds together to redo the West side.

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Three years ago when NDSU's brodcast team/crew/truck   came to Macomb and were denied access to our "very cozzy fixxer upper" press box. they cobbled together a work around at row 25 in five hours. 

NDSU made a decision and made something work in 5 hours!

I hate HDTV, but, I promise you I can make a 5'/5' platform using 2"8"s and plywood. If Facilities Maintenance can't manage the task. I see a few more people that can be released.

Not a joke. Tenured Professors  have been released.

I know the fella (fella meaning main guy lol) from Keokuk Iowa is very good at these things.

It's not that complicated. Will it take up seat space? well yeah. maybe 20. I'm happy that pushing 6,000 went to the home opener. I think a stadium of 15,000 can spare 20 seats to get proper camera angles and be ADA compliant.

I think I'm probably being insulting, because I think our A.D. has already had these exact same thoughts. It will certainly get better.

Again North Dakota State University figured it out in a manor of hours. We have the people and ability to do it.


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Upon replay review of the game. It is made clear in three or four shots that yes there was a camera atop the pressbox.

I saw some backs of heads I saw a lot of wobbling.

Is the broadcasting major and Arts major. "Wanna make sure everyone gets a chance"  

How 'bout just covering the game. Like the best view of the game only gets a nod.

The "Sound from Long Island" was umm a bit raw, I liked that he kept his poise realizing his "go to" in the booth was either high or unaware of the need to fill in quite spots. 

At least we can all agree upon that LOL.
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The TV cameras were not blocking the two entry / exit places at the top of the west grandstand at the Homecoming game.  
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I learned of a very nice "feature" about Hanson Field on Saturday that I may have known about back in the day but had forgotten:

Best way to get into and out of your seat on the West side, regardless of section, is through the southwest entrance closest to the union.  Take the ADA-compliant ramp (was there even ADA laws when it was constructed, lol) immediately on the left which gets you into about Row P of the west side seating.  Walk as far north as you need to find your section.  Take a few steps up or down as necessary to get to your row.  This approach works well when you park your butt in your seat well before kickoff.  Does not help much for concession runs, but cant have everything.

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Anyone know if there is any funding campaigns planned to start soon for west stadium or athletics bldg? I feel like these usually last years which means repairs may be ways out unless the money is somehow already there. Seems like things have gotten a bit more stable with new president, Jack Thomas situation mostly behind us and the state at least hasn't reduced funding in few years. Be a great time to start selling blocks or however they intend to raise funding from smaller donors. Use the improvements to really cleanup center of campus so they have something to show off during new student visits rather than hurry through quad to avoid the eye sore.
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