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Miscellaneous discussions. Things that don't have anything to do with Western, Leatherneck Athletics, college sports in general, etc.
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I just want to acknowledge how well done and sophisticated this board is run. I see bigger schools and "bigger" programs with outdated last decade template stuff. 

I  really appreciate the Administrator that creates, maintains, contributes, updates, and moderates this board. This board serves multiple purposes, ambassador, town hall, commiserate and gripe, celebrate and boast. I have stepped out of line a few times, not out of malice rather out of indignation and mis-placed pride. I have not always articulated my comments as well as I could have. 

I love this creation. I wish the Goleathernecks.com football schedule section would indicate all the ranked schools we played week by week like they used to do. I guess whomever is running it is oblivious to the Schedule that few G-5's could navigate. Not getting the acknowledgment that we played the best in the land is a slap in the face.  I think it might be worth retro-actively putting those rankings into the 2021 official web site as was done every year until now.

Potential recruits (and parents) can get a better sense of what is what. Thanks again, the brand is alive, the nation is alive.

People, have asked (not in at least 10 years) why did you go to Western? The condensed reason is that it was two hours away from home, and it wasn't ISU.

Also it was vibrant and fun. My mediocre ACT of 22 really could have landed me at any of the less selective Institutions. I later found out I have ADHD and did all along, I half assed homework in high school, same in college. However, I attended class at near 100% rate because I was paying for it (and I learn verbally and visually) I was carrying around those heavy expensive books (one strapping it of course) for no good reason. I watched "Days of our lives" begrudgingly on the "big" screen in the Union after class coming from Morgan. Sammy being my main interest of course. There was a gang of 50 or so in the lounge, I would try to duck out but was often caught by my girlfriend at the time so, yeah, those were different times (I lived in Lincoln so had traverse that way).

Ok, fine after two weeks of watching Days of our lives I would kinda run from Morgan to get a good seat and hold it while my girlfriend got us some old school fried chicken sandwiches from the Burger King.....who am I kidding I loved it. 
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