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So I get my Sunday QC Times paper today.  Start thumbing through it.   Come upon a "Spring 2022 College Guide" section.  Not that big, only 12 pages in total.  Page 1, "Imagine the Possibilities" promo from SIU (they were not done).  Pages 2-10 had stuff about Eastern IA Community Colleges, Trinity College of Nursing and Health Sciences, St. Ambrose, Black Hawk College, UW-Platteville and Clarke U.  Last page, more "Imagine the Possibilities" from SIU.  Maybe just maybe our advertising budget is such that someone made a decision that this Sunday circular advertising was not worth the cost.  Or maybe someone on the staff of the Times is a grad of SIU and they only reached out to them.  Who knows but once again, we missed an opportunity for promotion here in the QCA.  Hell, take a chance in this area.  Schedule a hoops game or two at the TaxSlayer in Moline with free admission for local HS kids and parents and have some recruiters waiting at the front door.

Nuff said for a Sunday.
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