How is COVID-19 affecting you?

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Inspired by a post over on has your life changed (or not) in the last couple of weeks? Not a lot of sports going on, obviously, but we all have stuff we're dealing with because of the current situation.

My wife and I are both working from home now...thankfully both of us have jobs where we can do that. My kids "art desk" has now become my work space. Kids are getting stuff from their teachers online, with my daughter having twice-daily zoom meetings with her class and teacher (there's only 12 kids in the class). My wife, my kids, and I are all pretty "low risk", so we're not too worried for ourselves, but I worry about my parents (late 60's), my wife's parents (also late '60s), and my grandmother (89). I think they're all doing a pretty good job of staying home though. Also worried about my wife's sister who's a ER nurse in Killeen, TX (and some of what she's been texting us is getting pretty scary), as well as my own sister who is a daycare worker at a YMCA in the Chicago suburbs. The Y she works at is shut down, but the daycare is still open because of the kids of people who do still have to work out of the home.

Went out for a run around campus was pretty dead out there obviously. Not sure if I'll be able to do that in the future with the new on-campus restrictions though (temperature and ID checks for anyone on campus starting tomorrow).

How about you guys? What's going on with you? How are you coping with a lack of sports? I hear ESPN has started up "The Ocho" on ESPN2 where they're airing really obscure sporting events from the last year or so.
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As someone works in retail things have definitely ramped up for me. I took this week off for March madness so this week I’ve pretty much been sitting at home with nothing to do.
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Hunkering down at home in QC after last week in Miami. Got to emjoy a few things there like the beach and an open-air bus tour of the city. The resort was only about 5% capacity would be my guess. Hot tub was shut down for social distancing reasons but pool was still open. By weeks end, the poolside bar no longer served up alchol from already opened bottles and containers but you could still get a beer. Enjoyed mostly takeout food at nearby restaurants. There was a Famous Dave's that had their carryout section still open. Leading up to it, they had chairs along the sidewalk spaced every 6 feet or so. When we dropped in, people ignored them and just stood near the door if they could not fit into the small takeout area inside the restaurant. Since I am a retired stay-at-home Dad for one cat named Zowey, my life right now is not much different. Just trying to limit my trips to the grocery store and other places if I need to go out. Still like to get out every day and take a walk around the neighborhood. Might pull my bike out of the storage unit this week if it really warms up. My wife and I have signed up for an Udemy class on learning to play the guitar. Life goes on as best we can manage. Stay safe everyone.
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