2022-2023 Schedule

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Home game with Quincy University on November 1, 2022.
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Summit League schedule released: https://s3.amazonaws.com/thesummitleagu ... hedule.pdf
Our games are:

12/19 (Mon) - at North Dakota State
12/21 (Wed) - at North Dakota
12/29 (Thu) - vs South Dakota State
12/31 (Sat) - vs South Dakota
1/5 (Thu) - at Omaha
1/7 (Sat) - at Denver
1/12 (Thu) - vs Oral Roberts
1/14 (Sat) - vs Kansas City
1/21 (Sat) - at St. Thomas
1/26 (Thu) - at South Dakota
1/28 (Sat) - at South Dakota State
2/2 (Thu) - vs Denver
2/4 (Sat) - vs Omaha
2/9 (Thu) - at Kansas City
2/11 (Sat) - at Oral Roberts
2/18 (Sat) - vs St. Thomas
2/23 (Thu) - vs North Dakota
2/25 (Sat) - vs North Dakota State

So, again it looks like this year's schedule is pretty much the "mirror" of the men's schedule. No double-headers, no weekends of having both teams playing. Still not a fan of it.
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Start off with a couple of home exhibitions against lower-division schools (Columbia College, NAIA; Quincy, DII), then a game at Big 10 Minnesota. We play a few OVC teams this year, starting off with a game at USI in Evansville, IN, and then hosting EIU. A couple of away games at NIU (MAC) and Chicago State (now a DI Independent) are followed up by home games against Tarleton State (WAC) and Eureka College (DIII). One more road game at SEMO (another OVC) before hosting 3 straight against Valpo (MVC), SIU-E (OVC), and Saint Xavier (NAIA from Chicago). Then it's on to the conference schedule.

Date           Time     At     Opponent                           Location             Tournament   Result
Oct 24 (Mon)   TBA      Home   Columbia College (Mo.) (EXH)       MACOMB                                  
Nov 1 (Tue)    TBA      Home   Quincy University (EXH)            MACOMB                                  
Nov 7 (Mon)    TBA      Away   University of Minnesota            Minneapolis, Minn.                      
Nov 11 (Fri)   TBA      Away   University of Southern Indiana     Evansville, Ind.                        
Nov 14 (Mon)   TBA      Home   Eastern Illinois University        MACOMB                                  
Nov 17 (Thu)   6 p.m.   Away   Northern Illinois                  DeKalb, Ill.                            
Nov 21 (Mon)   TBA      Away   Chicago State                      Chicago, Ill.                           
Nov 30 (Wed)   TBA      Home   Tarleton State University          MACOMB                                  
Dec 3 (Sat)    TBA      Home   Eureka College                     MACOMB                                  
Dec 7 (Wed)    TBA      Away   Southeast Missouri State           Cape Girardeau, MO                      
Dec 9 (Fri)    TBA      Home   Valparaiso                         MACOMB                                  
Dec 11 (Sun)   TBA      Home   Southern Illinois - Edwardsville   MACOMB                                  
Dec 16 (Fri)   6 p.m.   Home   Saint Xavier University (Ill.)     MACOMB                                  
Dec 19 (Mon)   TBA      Away   North Dakota State                 Fargo, N.D.                             
Dec 21 (Wed)   TBA      Away   University of North Dakota         Grand Forks, N.D.                       
Dec 29 (Thu)   TBA      Home   South Dakota State                 MACOMB                                  
Dec 31 (Sat)   TBA      Home   South Dakota                       MACOMB                                  
Jan 5 (Thu)    TBA      Away   Omaha                              Omaha, Neb.                             
Jan 7 (Sat)    TBA      Away   Denver                             Denver, Colo.                           
Jan 12 (Thu)   TBA      Home   Oral Roberts University            Macomb                                  
Jan 14 (Sat)   TBA      Home   Kansas City                        Macomb                                  
Jan 21 (Sat)   TBA      Away   University of St. Thomas           St. Paul, Minn.                         
Jan 26 (Thu)   TBA      Away   South Dakota                       Vermillion, S.D.                        
Jan 28 (Sat)   TBA      Away   South Dakota State                 Brookings, S.D.                         
Feb 2 (Thu)    TBA      Home   Denver                             Macomb                                  
Feb 4 (Sat)    TBA      Home   Omaha                              Macomb                                  
Feb 9 (Thu)    TBA      Away   Kansas City                        Kansas City, Mo.                        
Feb 11 (Sat)   TBA      Away   Oral Roberts University            Tulsa, Okla.                            
Feb 18 (Sat)   TBA      Home   University of St. Thomas           Macomb                                  
Feb 23 (Thu)   TBA      Home   University of North Dakota         Macomb                                  
Feb 25 (Sat)   TBA      Home   North Dakota State                 Macomb
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I have not looked at the new players much for JD.  Will he be able to get 7 OOC wins?  This should be the year the Leathernecks get back to top half of conference.  The new coaches in the conference for the past 2 years will need time to get traction.  St Thomas could rise some this year as well.
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