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Western Athletics needs to re-think their agreement with the Macomb Radio Group (Regional Media).

Macomb Radio has not been a reliable provider for the games. I was at Saturday night's game with North Dakota. I tuned to Macomb 102.7 FM to hear the post-game show on my ride home. They were playing music instead. I was able to hear the post-game show by switching over to Beardstown station WRMS. But their signal is weak in Macomb.

Macomb is in the fringe area of WRMS' signal.

But this was not the first time that there has not been a post-game show on Macomb radio. It also happened several times during the football season.

And last Thursday, I turned on Macomb 104.1 FM to hear the Western Women's game at South Dakota. But they were playing music.

McDonough District Hospital and Pepsi seem to be the main advertisers on the games. They are not getting their money's worth on the Macomb stations.

There was a time about 10 years ago when all of the Western games were on WIUS-FM.

The university owns two radio stations: WIUS and WIUM. That would be an option to consider.

Eastern Illinois University airs their games on their university-owned station WEIU-FM.

LB Sports Productions does a good job with the games. But having a Beardstown station as the "Flagship station" opens the door for reception problems in Macomb. Beardstown is 35 miles south of Macomb.
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The broadcasting department also needs to get their act together. The lower thirds were terrible.
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That's what happens when radio stations are no longer locally owned.
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The coach should be required to show up at the post-game interview withing 5 minutes of final horn. No commercial station is going to support the radio guy ad-libbing with stats and whatever else for 20 minutes until he gets there. Billy is only slightly better than Mo and Mo was terrible, especially after a really bad loss.
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There are broadcasts on WIUS 88.3FM that you can hear in Macomb. The university just doesn't care enough or respect it enough to put it anywhere. It's a solid call especially this year.

Having your flagship in a town 45 minutes away where you can barely get the signal has NEVER made sense.
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